Underwood Executive named Executive Recruiter of the Year 2018 by HRD Magazine.

At Underwood Executive we are thrilled to announce that we have been named Executive Recruiter of the Year 2018 by HRD Magazine. We have won  two gold medals in Australia’s Top Recruiter Awards in the following categories:

  • Executive Recruitment – Gold Medal
  • Professional Services – Gold Medal

These awards are nominated and voted by you – our clients. This is a wonderful accolade for us and we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who voted. This is an amazing recognition of our hard work, passion, and commitment to provide you a specialist and personalised executive search service.

With 74% surveyed choosing to outsource to a consultant for Executive Recruitment and 55% expecting to increase headcount in the next 12 months, we are very excited about continuing to work with you, to find you the highest performing talent in the market.

We also want to acknowledge, that more than anything, we understand it’s relationships that matter the most and this is our priority in continuing to deliver you the quality of hires of you expect.

Thank you again for your votes and helping us take talent further.

You can download the Top Recruiters 2018 report via HRD Magazine 16.03 HRD-paper here where our award announcements and quotes can be found on pages 62 – 63. Here is a snapshot of the article:

It’s the scope of challenges in professional services that brings Gold winner Nicole

Underwood coming back for more. “We genuinely love consulting with a wide range of businesses and understanding their broader business goals, including their unique challenges, opportunities and culture,” she tells HRD. We were after responsiveness to rapidly changing market conditions for a hard-to-fill role. Underwood Executive delivered.”

So said one satisfied voter for this year’s Executive category Gold winner.

Executive positions remain perhaps the trickiest of all to fill successfully – and this will only continue as executive and leadership roles cope with complex, ambiguous times. Those working in this space must display patience,

Nicole Underwood, founder and managing director of Underwood Executive, says there continues to be extensive competition for talent in the marketplace, and organisations still face the challenge of identifying who their high-performing talent are; how they can continue to grow and develop that talent; and then understanding what future talent are required to achieve their business objectives.

“Agility, over experience, and resilience continue to be key competencies in demand, as well as innovation and ‘change agents’ in executive leadership roles,” she says. “We are also seeing organisations continuing to invest in their employee value proposition to assist in enticing high-performing talent, which is always available – the skill is finding it, enticing that talent and then developing talent so people stay.”

Underwood has also seen the impact of technology. Overall, clients are more aware and informed of what they are paying for, and the more transactional the recruitment process the more they see that they can do it themselves.

“This means consultants will need to become more strategic, using their skills and the ‘human touch’ for talent acquisition, whilst using AI and technology to assist with finding talent, screening and background checks,” she says. “There is certainly a trend towards more social engagement and recruiting, with proactive sourcing and the creation of talent pools vs transactional candidate generation.”