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“Our success is measured by our superior ability to place the best talent within your organisation and that they stay”


The single most important driver of organisational performance is talent.  What makes and keeps companies successful is not the technology, products, capital or systems – it’s being able to source, recruit and retain the best people.

At Underwood Executive our expertise is in the identification, enticement and recruitment of executive talent.  We specialise in sourcing talent where we partner with organisations that value the importance of recruiting and retaining high performing employees. Our up-to-date research and progressive sourcing strategies ensure that we unearth the best talent, giving our clients access to the Underwood Executive talent community, which reaches beyond the active market.

Our role is to identify and source the best people in the market to help build your organisation. A vigorous screening and selection process ensures that we actively assess not only skills and experience, but core competencies, transferable skills and motivational fit as well.  This holistic approach clearly separates the talent most suitable for your business requirements, culture and long-term fit.

Our approach to talent management ensures we operate as your trusted advisor, contributing to your company success through sourcing the best talent the market has to offer.

Securing the right people in the right roles is only one part of a bigger people picture.  Our commitment extends further than this as we are invested in working with your new talent to encourage engagement, performance and long-term retention.

Our specialty is working with clients who value our peer relationship and are invested in a mutually respectful partnership. We consult beyond a traditional transactional recruitment model, where our clients believe that having the right people is the key to their business success and are invested in building high performance teams.

Our recent assignments and expertise span across the following sectors:


Not for Profit
Community Services
Local Government
State Government
Banking & Financial Services
Professional Services
Marketing & Sales
PR & Communications
Construction & Property
Mining & Infrastructure
Consumer, Wine & Agriculture
Health & Aged Care
Mining & Resources
Oil & Gas
Technical & Engineering
Consumer, Wine & Agriculture

What our clients are saying


“I recently relocated to Adelaide and have had the pleasure of dealing with Underwood Executive. It has been my first experience on the job-seeker side of a recruitment and I cannot speak highly enough of the professional, personable service I have received. My experience with your organisation has challenged my misgivings about recruitment agencies, though I suspect I’d be hard pressed to receive the same level of engagement and support at other recruitment firms.

I have had more direct dealings with the Consultants and they consistently went beyond the call of duty to ensure I was fully informed at every stage of the recruitment process. They have been beyond supportive, responsive and proactive, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my dealings with them.

I would unreservedly recommend your organisation to anyone as a result of my dealings.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“From our point of view the whole recruitment experience and working with you has been very positive. I have particularly appreciated your thorough and transparent approach, ongoing communication and the flexibility to accommodate our needs around meetings and candidate reporting. I look forward to working with you again.”

ClientExecutive Search

“I would love to pass on some feedback about how awesome Nikki has been. She has been amazing, always friendly, helpful and I really do feel like she went completely above and beyond for me. She squeezed me into her day last minute after an initial chat, had an interview set up for me yesterday and an offer today...I still can’t believe she achieved it all in such a short amount of time. I also appreciate that you reached out to me in the first instance. I can’t speak more highly of the Underwood Executive team and want to thank you and Nikki very much for helping me secure this great opportunity in my career”

CandidateExecutive Search

“Nicole had a tailored approach and took the time to understand not just the brief, but the culture of our organisation and the executive team dynamics. Rather than simply “cast the net” there was targeted search and as a result we were presented with a well-qualified group of possible candidates, that may not have surfaced via a traditional advertising approach”

CEOExecutive Search

“It has been a really great process working with Underwood Executive. The communication with the Consultants is excellent and they have kept me informed all the way through a rigorous process. It has been excellent to observe and be assured that Underwood Executive does all the necessary employment checks in detail.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“Getting to know the team at Underwood Executive was highly valuable, they are extremely professional, friendly and make you feel at ease.
Even though I wasn’t successful in the recruitment process, I felt like I was legitimately beaten by a better candidate, which gives you confidence towards the next interview process. I found the whole process very encouraging and certainly felt like Underwood Executive represented you as much as their clients.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“We engaged Underwood Executive for an executive search campaign as they have a great reputation in the industry, for their professionalism and that they get results. We were kept in the loop at all times and their customer focus was excellent and very thorough. The executive consultants were outstanding and I wouldn’t have changed a thing in the process.”

CEO - Client Executive Search

“Unfortunately in my own job search experience, 33% of firms I contact never acknowledge my approach, and a further 40% respond with an auto rejection letter. The recruitment business seems very much focused on matching simplistic data points and forgetting there is a person behind all that information.

My treatment with Underwood Executive was vastly different. The regular calls and emails, along with the upbeat and open tone gave me the impression the candidate was appreciated in the process.

I want to wish the team continued success in the search and recruitment industry. My experience was more positive than many other firms I’ve dealt with, and I will be a strong advocate for Underwood Executive when asked.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“I can't speak more highly of Nikki. She was lovely to deal with, professional, unbiased, inclusive, fair and considerate. She was always great at getting back to me throughout the whole process.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“My experience in dealing with Underwood Executive was very positive, and one of the main drivers for progressing through the role was the way in which the process was handled. The team had an in-depth knowledge of the organisational culture and expectations; they seemed to know what was required in the role and the type of person that would be successful.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“Underwood Executive have an excellent customer focus and are very thorough – I was kept in the loop at all times. There is nothing you could improve on or do more effectively next time, you were outstanding.”

ClientExecutive Search

“I have used many different recruitment consultancies for filling positions in my own teams, but it’s been over 20 years since I have been ‘the candidate’ represented through an agency.

Since my first meeting with Nikki, I have had nothing but a positive and professional experience. Nikki was a pleasure to work with, her natural and caring demeanour combined with keeping me informed along the process, made a world of difference. Nikki represented Underwood with the utmost professionalism and care. She was knowledgeable in the role and the organisation she was representing and at the same time, was able to balance my requirements and expectations. Her friendly persona and ability to connect with me helped me feel comfortable throughout the process. She kept me in the loop at all times inside and outside of work hours. I would love to keep in touch with her in the future.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“The team at Underwood were professional, courteous and genuinely interested in making sure the role was the right fit. I was given plenty of opportunity to seek clarity on the role and to ensure that my skillset was a good match; this showed they were working well on both sides of the recruiting table and not just trying to find a warm body to throw into the position.

Everyone showed warmth and genuine care, and great enthusiasm when the process was underway. There was also excellent communication along the way which helped when the process took a bit longer than I had anticipated. Was able to keep the dream alive!”

CandidateExecutive Search

“Underwood Executive have a great reputation for their professionalism – and they get results!”

ClientExecutive Search

“From my initial phone interview from Vanessa, to receiving the call from the Senior Consultant as being the successful candidate, I have been blown away by the professionalism, understanding and support I have been provided by Underwood Executive.

Going into an interview scenario is always daunting, however once I sat down with the consulting team for the first interview, they instantly made me feel calm and allowed my best self to come forward.

I know a recruitment consultant’s priority is to always look after their clients first. I didn’t feel this was the case with Underwood, I felt like I was really cared for within the process and that not only was the client a priority, but my needs also. I really respected and valued this about Underwood.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“My experience was very positive throughout, Nikki was excellent to deal with and made me feel very comfortable from initial contact, right through to the end of the process.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“Nikki was friendly, professional and very understanding. She was very transparent throughout the process, keeping me well informed and providing regular updates.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“Nikki was very friendly but professional, put me at ease during our initial meeting/interview and in liaising between myself and the employer was extremely good at being an advocate for both parties, whilst keeping the process moving”

CandidateExecutive Search

“I want to say thank you for your service. You have been the most personable and caring recruiter that I have dealt with. You have always kept me informed and showed genuine interest about how the meetings/ interviews have gone, when I have had them. I have really appreciated your style from the first time we met. Thank you.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“I had a really positive experience dealing with Underwood Executive. I felt well prepared for the interviews and appreciated the feedback I was given. Nikki was very personable, provided relevant information in a friendly manner and was open and transparent throughout the process. She was supportive, understanding, communicative and responsive. I felt there was a genuine interest in my progression as a candidate and I would not hesitate to recommend Underwood Executive! – Executive Candidate”

CandidateExecutive Search

“The Underwood Executive team were very efficient and thorough. They were all very personable, down to earth and took the time to truly understand the candidate as much as possible to ensure the fit of the potential client. I would be more than happy to recommend or use Underwood for my next recruitment role or similar services.”

ClientExecutive Search

“I want to thank you for all of your efforts and support in getting me to and through this process. You have both been remarkable to me through all of this, and I found the process clear, communicated efficiently, and have felt well supported throughout.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“I just wanted to make sure that my appreciation for your commitment, support and professionalism during the recruitment process was acknowledged by me. I am incredibly thankful that I have been able to have an experience with your business, your people and your integrity, thank you. I want to briefly thank you both specifically, for the following experiences I had;

1. Nicole, for making yourself available for interviews, questions and feedback during the recruitment process, I know I was one of many candidates/roles that you manage, but your availability made me feel your genuine interest in the process and in my success.

2. Eloise, for your authenticity, energy and reassurance through the process. Your clear communication, humour and happiness, made the process enjoyable, pleasant and real. You are a real asset to the Underwood Executive business, and I appreciate how you deal with sensitive, personal and emotional changes in peoples working life - you make it enjoyable and easy.

Thank you to you both, to your staff who work in the background, and your dealings with people - personally and professionally.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“In the space of less than a couple of weeks, I went from not really applying for jobs to having a new job that I am extremely excited about. The Underwood team (Vanessa and Nikki) were extremely pleasant, professional, thorough and efficient and managed to take me through the entire process in a way that was completely painless.
I particularly liked the fact that Vanessa and Nikki tried to make sure that I was the right fit for the client, but that the client was also the right fit for me.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“I haven’t been particularly good at “selling myself” in the past. The difference with Underwood Executive was that I was made to feel so relaxed and comfortable – almost like I had known Vanessa and Nikki for many years beforehand – and this allowed me to open up, be honest and articulate my thoughts clearly.
I would absolutely recommend Underwood Executive to anyone looking to hire senior positions who wants to cover off on all bases!”

CandidateExecutive Search


“We engaged Underwood Executive because of their reputation in the Adelaide market for providing outstanding services in relation to senior executive recruitment.

Underwood provided a personal service: they were friendly, engaged and empathetic. They were able to develop a relationship with key stakeholders in a short period of time, were well-planned and had a bespoke approach. They provided succinct and constructive updates and advice throughout the process”

ClientExecutive Search

“The executive search process was made quite easy for us as Underwood did all of the work. Due to their network and their way of working, I believe that we had access to much better talent than if we had conducted our normal recruitment process.”

ClientExecutive Search

“My experience with Underwood Executive was that they were friendly, easy to talk to and provided feedback. It was a very simple and quick process, and they completed a more in-depth initial interview than other consultants do.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“Nikki was always very friendly and helpful. I really appreciated how personable and human she was throughout the process. Rather than focusing on filling a role, it felt to me like Nikki cared about finding a job for me that fitted. While I have never had the experience of getting a role through a recruiter, in all of those cases, the contact suddenly stopped when it became clear that there was no match. What I particularly enjoyed about Underwood Executive was how friendly Nikki was, how she showed that she cared, how she made me feel at ease during the process, and her willingness to answer any question I had.”

CandidateExecutive Search

“The team at Underwood Executive are very professional and Nicole is a great coach – she was super helpful and encouraging. It’s Underwood’s personalised and responsive approach that sets them apart.”

CandidateExecutive Search
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