“Talent management involves attracting, developing, motivating and retaining high performing talent.”


As a trusted advisor, our consulting services are tailored based on our talent management philiosphy and understanding, coupled with our evaluation of high performing talent.  This knowledge and expertise enables our clients to make better decisions and more effective investments in their people.

Our consulting services involve advising boards, leaders and executive teams on various talent management strategies to help organisations succeed through their people. This can include:

Leadership workshop facilitation
HR consulting
Culture, values & behaviours workshop design & facilitation
Executive talent assessment
Interview panel member
Emerging leaders in-house program
Salary benchmarking
Outplacement support
Keynote speaking
CEO & Executive coaching

These services are tailored specifically to improve culture, establish leadership behaviours, improve communication, drive accountability and develop high performance teams.

Examples of our recent consulting include:

Board Consultation Post-Merger to Assess & Select Executive Team
Executive Panel Member for CEO Selection
External Consultant for Internal Talent Acquisition Strategy Planning Day
CEO & Executive Team Salary Benchmarking
Keynote Speaker, Building a High-Performance Team
Leadership Development Program, Emerging Leaders
CEO Support, Talent Management Strategy

What our clients are saying


“We were looking for assistance in facilitated workshops with our Leadership Group to develop leadership values and behaviours. Nicole had a very good understanding of our requirements and expectations. Nicole’s experience in this area gave us great confidence that’s she would engage with the leadership group in a positive way and help deliver the outcome we were seeking. Nicole was very well prepared and her workshop agenda and presentation materials, along with her enthusiasm and engaging style, resulted in a high energy and productive workshop. Staff were very impressed with Nicole and her facilitation skills leading to an excellent outcome for our business and leadership team.”

“As a CEO, I wanted to receive independent advice on HR matters from an experienced professional. Nicole demonstrated significant knowledge and experience, with an ability to articulate advice and ask questions that led me to the desired results. She demonstrates an enthusiastic approach and is committed to achieving agreed outcomes. I would highly recommend her as an advisor, business coach and mentor. ”

“Probably the best internally provided leadership development course I have attended in my time at Council. Many of the learning's have paid dividends instantly.”

“A lot of topics were covered during the leadership program and they have been exactly what I needed. I found the program valuable because of the skills and techniques I learnt, which have assisted me to effectively supervise and lead people. The sessions were a practical way to develop these skills. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program and thank you Nicole and Salli for sharing your expertise with the group.”

“I really enjoyed the mentor/mentee process and learned a lot about myself as well as passed on some learnings of mine to my mentee.””

“I am pleased and extremely proud to hear our staff members say today that it’s the most valuable/best training they’ve done in their careers. Listening to that feedback today at the post program wrap up was priceless. Nicole and Salli – well done! Your style, positive energy, engagement and diligence were invaluable and a major reason for the success of the program.”



Engage Nicole as a keynote speaker for your next event, in-house training session or conference. Presentation content can be developed based on your target audience or theme and typically topics include talent management, retention, leadership and culture.

South Australian Cricket Association
Building a Personal Brand
Achieving Work Life Blend
South Australian Cricket Association
Getting Ahead in Your Career
Winning Respect – How to give up being liked
South Australian Cricket Association
Work Life Blend
RCSA International Conference, Fiji
How creating a culture of flexibility will win the race in attracting and retaining top talent
CPA Women’s Committee
Too busy to be the tooth fairy – a lesson in prioritisation and work life blendGetting Ahead, Tips for Promoting Yourself
Women Talking Finance
3 Inspiring Women, 3 Incredible Stories and 3 very different journeys
University of South Australia
Cracking the job market, how to get yourself noticedDegree finished …. now what? Creating your own future”Do’s and Don’ts at InterviewDreams can come true – get the job you want now
Australian Graduate School of Management
“Let’s connect” – the importance of networking
Technical competence without people skills – what is it costing you?
Successful part-time recruitment consultants: fantasy or reality?
Top 10 tips for high performanceTime management tips & tricks
Rotary Careers Forum
Opportunities in the next 5 years for young people – what are employers looking for?
CPA Congress
How to Recruit and Retain a Top Team
Progressive Women
My Story of Success
Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce YBF
How to Network EffectivelyGetting ahead in your Career – tips for increasing your chances of promotion
AHRI SA Young Professionals Group
A day in the life of a young professional
Flinders University
Careers in Human Resources
Wine Company
Top 10 tips for getting ahead in your career and life
CA Business Forum
Writing a job description that attracts a quality candidate

Please contact Nicole Underwood via email or call 0409 149 419 to discuss your workshop or speaking requirements.

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